jane blazer

jane blazer . jane skirt . stripe socks . rodeo boots

ruby blazer . ruby trousers . nice sneakers

vindis knit blouse

etna blazer . etna trousers

harvest trench coat

harvest trench coat

nicoline dress

billy leather jacket

bisou dress . rodeo boots

venus track jacket . venus track pants . nice sneakers

katrina kimono . katrina trousers . disturb socks . nice sneakers

coca blouse

coca blouse . coca trousers . rodeo boots

veria dress

otilia bucket hat . cher singlet . harper knit cardigan

sally fake fur jacket

harper knit hat . ibi coat

steal coat

eika knit . afina leather skirt . check socks . rodeo boots

sophie high neck knit . clara velvet skirt . stripe sock . rome sneakers

sheena knit sweater . corduroy trousers . rodeo boots

jena dress . disturb socks . rodeo boots

fiji wrap blouse . fiji skirt . rodeo boots

harper knit buff . ibi coat . corduroy trousers . rodeo boots

svan knit . rilo denim jeans . rodeo boots

maria blouse . maria trousers . rodeo boots

karin roll neck . karin skirt . rodeo boots


We are moving in a time where the pace of our everyday lives is getting faster and the expectations to us feels bigger than ever before; not only must we perform at job, we must also be great friends, eat healthy meals and do it all on half the time.

Never have our time been so optimized - never have we felt so stressed. Longing for the good old days when everything was simpler; when everything was slower.

The theme for the 3.19 collection is the good old and nostalgic 70’s, but with a modern, sporty twist. The vibe brings us back to when everything was just a bit more easy going, and then we were not disturbed.

The collection has a retro color palette with earthy, burned tones gives a feeling of something warm, calm and embracing. The colors feel familiar, as they are so easily recognized from the 70’s fashion and interior; but as they are twisted with an icy blue and deep green, they are brought to a more updated and modern mood.

Heritage checks on different qualities and retro stripes on slim, knitted, long-sleeved t-shirts, adds to the feeling of something familiar and safe. Animal prints like snake and leopard is popping out between the calm solid colored styles.

Thicker qualities like corduroy and denim has a robust and protecting feeling, while adding to the retro 70’s vibe. Thinner qualities like chiffons are easily styled with warm, cosy knits for a warmer outfit. Layering is key, if you want to keep temperature up and really make your outfit personal and chic.

Going back to simpler times, also brings out thoughts of simpler, more sustainable ways. This collection includes a series of sustainable choices; from recycled polyesters to organic cottons.

The futures is greener and slower, and we need to do our best to evolve in a better direction; one step at the time.