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The TWENTY TWENTY collection is all about new beginnings, optimism and unity.

Age is just a number, gender is fluid and all ethnicities are embraced – these factors don’t matter, as diversity is celebrated. It is all about having character, a strong personality and dare to express one’s true self.

The optimism of this collection is obvious just by looking at the colors; from sour greens and milky yellows, to vibrant blues and minty greens. Complemented with warm, dusty powder reds and cool oranges, the color palette has both warmth and freshness.

Fresh qualities like crispy cottons are essential to the TWENTY TWENTY collection, as they make the perfect foundation for bold shapes and as they are key for a sustainable statement.

Stiffer fabrics like organza, twill and denim add a cool and edgy vibe, while the choice of softer fabrics as silky satin and drapy viscose compliment the female body when on the move.

Shapes are bolder than ever, and sleeves cannot get exaggerated enough. Fitted waists and wide shoulders have always been a thing for the chic and brave, but now it is for everyone and shows great, strong personality and character, which is what the TWENTY TWENTY collection is all about.